Retro Crate


With the #RetroCrate we’re kicking it old school with items themed around classic games!! Retro Game Boy Mug – This mug is perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy a hot beverage! the classic game boy screen turns from black to the iconic green game boy screen with a little heat! This is a hot item and is sure to get a lot of attention from people around you! Mario Patch – We all love patches, so we provided a sweet iron on Mario patch! Mixt Energy – We partnered with mixt energy to give our customers a delicious energy supplement to keep them gaming for the long run! Poke ball Stress ball – We all know how frustrating gaming can be, and we thought this was an awesome opportunity to provide a stress ball themed after a classic game that we all love Pac man keychain – this key chain is a fire item! We saw it and loved it, so we knew our customers would love it too! This high-quality key chain is sure to get anyone around you talking! custom decals – last but not least we put in some awesome decals provided by toasty decals! These decals are amazing quality and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out

Game Boy Mug: $14.99

Mario & Luigi Sticker: $5.00

Retro Crate Sticker: $5.00

PacMan Key Chain: $6.99

Pokeman Stress Ball:$5.99

Mario Patch: $4.99

MIXT Energy Single Serve Packs: $4.00

Total Product Value: $50.97

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