OverPowered Crate

$26.99 $23.99

We have provided delicious energy packs with a killer shaker cup along with 2 different kinds of energy candy to satisfy the sweet tooth in everyone while gaming! We threw in a 4000mah battery back and a high quality braided cord to keep whatever device your using charged up when you’re running low! Our goal was to provide power to the gamer and the equipment they use and we feel we have succeeded

Air Drop Crates Power Bank: $15.99

10FT Xbox One/PS4 Charging Cable: $9.99

Mixt Energy Shaker Cup: $6.99

Mixt Energy Packets x2: $4.00

Kabang Energy Candy x2: $1.38

Moveit Energy Gummy Bears x2: $4.00

Over Powered Sticker: $5.00

Total Product Value: $47.35

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